How to Look Refreshed Upon Landing from a Long Haul:7 Must Haves In Reach On A Flight

We all know that flying is either the most exciting thing, or the thing we hate most about traveling. Here are some things that are always within reach on my journey to look and feel refreshed on a flight/and on landing.

1.Neck Pillow.

This is definitely a must have. I can sleep in any method of transportation, but this neck pillow always comes with me because I know I have to sleep. Without this comfort tool, I don’t sleep very well, and look just as exhausted on landing. Everyone uses this differently, I usually put it on my shoulder and lean against the window. Mine: I have a random one I picked up in Punta Cana after my Memory Foam one was lost checking in to a Resort to bringing it to my room.

2. Facial Wipes/Face Wash

I choose the wipes due to one less liquid in my carry on, and this is something I can do quickly at my seat. (Close to landing, it’s usually a fight to get to the bathroom). Granted, I do not wear makeup before a long flight, short flight sure. Mine: Glacial Cleansing Cloths (with white willow bark and cucumber extract) by Skyn Iceland. For me, this is a Must Have. You don’t need water, there’s no residue and doesn’t dry out your face. It also is a huge stress reliever. I promise. They’re $15.00 plus tax/shipping and totally worth it!

3.Chap stick and Lotion/Hydrating Mist

These are the most important items I have with me when I travel anywhere. I make sure I apply these a few times on the flight due to how disgustingly dry the air on the plane is. Granted, I may have a slight OCD with these items, due to I seem to always be dry. A good moisturizer/lotion for both your hands and face make you look less exhausted and it brightens up your face. Also, no one ever likes chapped lips. Mine: Lips 101 by Preventative Measures 101–the best chap stick I’ve ever had. Vaseline–which keeps the moisture in your skin and lips (I use this as both chap stick and lotion). Suave Professionals Cocoa and Shea butter Moisturizing Lotion (Carry on size). Hydrating Mist by Juice Beauty.

4. Water

Now this is something very important because it is super easy to get dehydrated on a flight. Especially when you can get whatever you’d like on an airplane to drink. I always make sure I pick up a water bottle at the airport. This way I don’t have to call the flight attendant over 100 times, or drink too little. I always get the largest bottle at the airport and make sure I drink the whole thing through out the duration of the flight. This is good for you, for your waist line, and for your skin. Who cares if you have to wake someone up to go to the bathroom, this is healthy and important. Even if you can hold your bladder (which you shouldn’t), you should always make sure to drink water on a flight. Mine: Whatever the biggest is at the airport.

5. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Teeth Wipes/Gum/Mints

Waking up your mouth is important. Especially if you’re flying solo and don’t speak to your in flight neighbor. When you do land, and do decide to speak with someone–let’s always have a clean mouth. This also wakes you up, you’re less self conscious, and you’re ready to go. Obviously, you can do this upon landing, but you’re in the air for quite sometime, if you’re able to brush on the plane, it’s one less thing to do in the airport–and come on, no one likes brushing in front of people. Mine: I have a combination, I do always have my toothbrush and tooth paste (Colgate Optic White) because I only travel with carry-ons and I always have Trident Sugar Free Gum.

5. Eye drops/Contact Solution

Dry eyes make you look and feel exhausted. Plan ahead! Make sure these are in reach. I usually take my contacts out about an hour or two into the flight and put my glasses on. However, there have been times where I leave them in. Just prior to landing, I take them out and put them in their container for a few minutes then put them back in. If you don’t have contacts, I would still recommend eye drops. We want you to feel like a 10, and this will definitely help you. Mine: Renu Contact Solution.

6. Hairspray

This one is something that I do struggle with. A loose fit braid to travel with does the trick or a low pony tail. For me, nothing usually works, since my hair is really frizzy and really curly, and I always have a million strays that come out to the end. Dry shampoo can sometimes do the trick to give it some extra bounce, embrace the strays (can look super cute on others). I either take out my braid and throw some moose and hairspray in it, or if it’s already down and curly, pin some of it back as we land, and spritz it a bit. Mine: Mini claw clip and TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and/or TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse (both in carry on sizes).

7. Deodorant

Just go to the bathroom and reapply. Period. Mine: Secret



8. Simple Makeup

“White” eyeliner on your bottom lid does wonders and also makes you look more awake. Mine is more a cream color. As well as Highlighter. Just a simple swipe around your cheek bones gives you a special glow. Blush also makes you look more alive, but I always have pretty rosy cheeks. I always love my eye makeup, but I use liquid liner that I would rather not apply on what begins to get slightly bumpy, and just stick with Mascara. Unless you want to get all made up, which I would recommend when you get to the airport bathroom and not take up what’s left of the airplane bathroom landing time, then do your thing Girl. Mine: Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact by Laura Mercier. X-Rated Mascara by Smashbox. NC-15//NW20 Pencil by MAC.


Now you will know the tricks to look presentable and alive on your landing. You’re going to look absolutely fantastic and you’re going to feel 100x better as well, I promise you.

What are your landing tips for looking fantastic?

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