I am honestly just a simple gal who is madly in love with travel.

Growing up, I was blessed to be able to travel. My parents had taken us on trips to places such as driving through the East Coast from Milwaukee to Kennebunkport, Maine, Florida, Puerto Rico, and so on.

As I got older, I realized how much I had taken that for granted. For example, for our road trip down to Florida one year we had hooked up a television so two of my brothers and I could hook up the Playstation 2 to it and have something to do–most of the time we took turns, otherwise we would read  books, listen to our walk-mans, or play Game Boy. I’m sure those seem like relics, but I promise you, I’m not that old. Honestly, my big thing was I didn’t want to sit in the middle (being the youngest, and the only girl, I was pretty much overruled). What I didn’t realize was how much I was missing. Even just looking out the window. On our trip to Delaware, we had stopped in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, and as I remember a small portion of it, I do remember complaining how my feet hurt, and it was hot. But I also remember seeing Benjamin Franklin’s desk, a lady asking if we were from Milwaukee, and the Liberty Bell. Honestly, I don’t remember why those stick in my head. I wish I could remember walking on the mall, I wish I could remember more than just a slight memory of the Lincoln Memorial.

Some of the trips, I wish I could completely redo. Others, I have.

After graduating college and studying abroad in France, I came back to the US and moved back home to figure out what was next. Eventually I got a job in reservations at Frontier Airlines through a friend that I worked part-time with. (Yes, Frontier Airlines, not all of us agreed with some decisions that were made when they got Spirit Airlines CEO–but remember, they were Midwest Express including a lot of the people that worked there. Policies are policies. But that’s a different conversation). Working here gave me even more opportunities to travel. I was gone every other weekend. But unfortunately, like a lot of Airlines (*cough* Spirit *cough*) they outsourced to the Philippines, and I lost my job.

At this time in my life, I wanted to stay in Travel. I realized this really was my passion. I got a job with a Travel Corporation. I moved around the Company, starting in the Call Center, then going to the Air Team (which was home, because this is what I liked doing), and now being a Travel Agent. It’s been a wonderful tour. I’ve seen how several departments work. Maybe I’ll open my own Travel Agency someday. Until then, I’m going to keep learning about all the amazing places out there, learn from some amazing travelers, and keep on exploring.




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