My Top 8 Must-Have Travel Items

1. External Battery (Fully charged)

I don’t know where I would be without this. As much as I enjoy getting lost in a new place, I do enjoy being able to get back to wherever home is. I’m guilty of using my phone as my camera, my GPS. Yes, I Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Facetime while I’m out so I can bring the beauty to my family and friends back home. I also listen to music on the trains to pass the time as I look out the window.

2. Extension Cord

You know the plugs aren’t always in a very convenient place! This especially goes for International Destinations. Sometimes you just need it to be a little longer. Or you have more than one thing to charge, and only one converter/adapter. (Sometimes you can get this as a type of converter/adapter.)

3. A Scarf

This may be stylish and part of the normal dress wherever you are, but sometimes it can be more of a utility. I’ve used my scarf as a head wrap when I’ve gone through the Middle East and inside several Churches. I’ve used it to cover my head when it’s raining. To cover my eyes and face when I’m sleeping on a train or a plane. I’ve used it as a shawl when I’ve gone into Churches as well, or a restaurant that’s a bit chilly. I’ve used my scarf as a blanket before (I had a really large one that I got in France that I absolutely love). We’ve used it to make pants for a gal when we went horseback riding and she was wearing a dress. I’ve used it as a skirt, and a towel, as a top, and I’ve used it as a belt. Never underestimate the power of a scarf. (Obviously mine wasn’t a wool scarf, but more of an everyday thin scarf.)

4. Hairspray

Granted, I live with a bottle of hairspray (thank you to my super frizzy, million baby hairs that I got from my Taina-Puerto Rican Grandmother). It’s great for keeping nasty frizz and fly-aways in place, keeps your eyebrows in place as well. It keeps your stockings from running, and it keeps your clothes from clinging by static. If you spray a wash cloth with it and run it over your clothes, it works as a lint roller! Hairspray removes ink and lipstick stains. Spray it on your feet and it keeps your feet from slipping in your shoes. Last but not least, it helps dry nail polish faster. Why wouldn’t you bring hairspray?!

5. Personalized First Aid Kit

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are. Something happens. I always make sure I make myself a first aid kit. I have band-aids, moleskin (because sometimes when you’re walking a lot, something rubs the wrong way, or even when your bra breaks unexpectedly!), Aquaphor, Ibuprofen, Tums (experimenting with food, may not always go the right way), Zantac (but the food is so good!), even a cold and flu medication (because some days are just the worst–and trying to find medication that you’ve never heard of can be super scary!), I make sure I pack vitamins when I travel. Don’t forget your Prescription Medication!!

6. Hand sanitizer and/or Sanitizing Wipes

You just never know what your hands are going to get on. (Even the arm rests, the television, and the tray tables on the airplanes.) The ticket machine at the train station. The stop button or rope on the bus? Meeting new people and shaking their hands. The door handle to the grocery store. Also, cleaning public tables up, cleaning the tops of soda cans, cleaning the toilet seat…just imagine.

7. Tissues

Oh tissues. I’m not saying a whole box..unless you need that. But I always end up buying the little packs of tissues, and never realize it until I’m unpacking my grocery bags. They’re the most useful things ever. No toilet paper? Don’t worry, you have tissues! Want a nice little place-mat for your food? You have tissues!

8. Water Bottle

I always have a water bottle. (In the States I carry one with me always, when I’m abroad, I usually buy one. Why? Because I get really sick when I’m not used to a places’ water.) When I travel, I’m usually out of the house all day. Walking, on trains, planes, subways, whatever. The last thing I want to do is stop my routine to get some water because I’m starting to feel dehydrated. I also, don’t always want to stop at a sit down restaurant and grab a bite to eat. So when I grab a sandwich or some other street food, I’m able to go. Yes, they also sell drinks, but this will save me money (I try and stop at the grocery store and buy a few bottles, or one bottle, and a gallon I can refill the bottle with, or just a gallon with my own water bottle.) This way I tell myself that I at least have to drink a few sips every hour. Also, I’ve used water to clean off my muddy shoes. Or when it was so hot and I thought I was dying, I put some water on a tissue, and pat my body down. Water is always key to travelling successfully.


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