Bucket List AKA Life List

Not too long ago I had crossed everything off my very short bucket list. As I follow and get to know some great travelers, I’ve started to come up with a new one. I don’t like to call it a Bucket List; because I don’t want to be dying before I start doing these, nor think that I have to do them before I “kick the bucket”. I like to call it my Life List. So I’ll call these My New Life Goals of Traveling. So in no particular order, here is my new Life List.

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef [Australia]

Go on an African Safari [Kenya]

Swim with Elephants [Phuket]

Walk on the Great Wall of China [China]

See the Northern Lights [Anywhere]

Take a Yoga Class at the International Yoga Festival [India]

See the Taj Mahal [India]

Go to Museo Evita [Argentina]

Stay in a Surf Hostel [Costa Rica]

Practice my French in Montreal [Canada]

Actually see the San Francisco Bridge..and not Fog [California]

Go to Stage Coach [California]

Take my niece and nephews to meet their Great Grandma [Puerto Rico]

Move to Oahu for at least a year [Hawaii]

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow [Bora Bora]

Walk El Camino de Santiago from Lyon [France and Spain]

Write on Juliet’s Wall [Italia]

Go Skydiving in the Alps [Austria]

Sing “The Hills Are Alive” in the Alps [Austria]

Pay my respect at Auschwitz [Poland] and Terezin [Czech Republic]

*Get Every Continent in One Passport [Exp. 2023]*



Past Life Goals of Traveling


Move to Paris 

Go to the Holy Land (The Vatican)

Got to Ireland and Spain

Take a Train Across Europe

Go to the American Cemetery in Normandy

Swim in the Mediterranean

Go to Disney World

Go Somewhere for Spring Break

Learn a Third Language

Go to the Monkey Forest

Get a Job with an Airline

Stay at the Bellagio

See the Grand Canyon

Swim with Turtles

Get a tattoo on vacation


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