Germany Day One

Alright, so this day one may be boring. I flew on a new airline for me, actually this whole trip are not airlines I usually use, so the experimenting is fun. I got randomly selected for my bag to go through during TSA. Which actually took them about 15-20 minutes to even get my bag to go through it, and the only reason they did get to it, was because they thought it was the wrong one. There were about 6 other people looking at the monitors, but a lady that was brought that speaks Spanish to help a man with his bag was the one who eventually gave me mine. I had nothing to hide, just hoping they didn’t take everything out (especially my underwear) due to the fact it took me wayyyy too long to pack that. Everything was fine, of course. I just had to be patient and calm. And thankfully, I got there with plenty of time to spare.

I meet up with my lovely friend from work who was at the airport going to Ireland, and we had a couple of drinks and hung out for a bit instead of sitting by ourselves waiting for the flights, so that was very nice, and made the time pass for sure.

Once it was time to board, I wasn’t worried, waited in line and got to my seat. I put my bag into the overhead bins which fit nicely, however there was a woman in the aisle seat and the compartment is set further in so it’s perfect for the Aisle person to get their things, but once that person sits there you’re pretty much on top of them, and praying nothing falls and hits them. I flew on KLM on a 747–a two story. Now, I’ve flown a lot of Frontier flights where their chairs are not too comfy, but these seats were tiny, and I could not get in a comfortable position to save my life. Which, is insane, because I’m usually passed out before the flight takes off–which I did, but for a very short amount of time. Thankfully, the middle seat was empty.

Usually, TransAtlantic flights keep me up because they have sooooo many movies! I love movies so this is sometimes difficult for me (usually on the return flight more than the outbound.). I began with Allied, then the new Ghostbusters, then fell asleep during Moana (which is my new favorite Disney Movie–cough cough Lin-Manuel Miranda.) the lights were only off on that plane for two hours. TWO HOURS! I was shocked. And they were the bright lights, and I’m thinking, you expect people to only sleep for two hours! This was the first flight I’ve flown on that had those lights on almost the entire trip. So that was not my favorite thing.

Once I landed in Amsterdam, I had to find my gate. I found a machine to reprint my boarding pass, because the one I got in Chicago told me nothing. Then I made sure my information on my pass matched the screen, which it did. And I realized at that moment, I had the furthest terminal and the furthest gate. Lucky me. My FitBit got all my steps in today. Once we boarded this second KLM flight, The flights were much more comfortable, and bigger, which made no sense to me. This was an Airbus, 330 (?) I believe. I past out instantly. Until the flight attendant passed out refreshments. Decided, now I’m going to need some caffeine. 

I landed in Munich and had to think, now what. I had already gone through Immigrations in Amsterdam (new passport stamp, yesssss!), but for some reason I thought I would have to do that again in Germany–which I was wrong, I know the EU, but I got a stamp in Ireland and France on the same day with connections. I didn’t, ah well, I’ll get one on the way out, or go to the Embassy and get one. Whichever. As always, I can never find my way out of the airport–this time it was because I was looking for Immigrations, but that wasn’t around. I followed the directions my Air BnB host Gabriele gave me. 

I took the S-Bahn 1 to Moosach, but couldn’t find the street car, so I decided to walk. No problem, get familiarized with the neighborhood I’m staying. Plus, get my circulation flowing was definitely needed. She is absolutely wonderful! She gave me directions for things, a long with where to go and things I should see. She gave me a map, and explained things in the apartment, like how the shower, stove, and heat work. We exchanged numbers in case I needed anything, which is a fabulous idea. I’m just thinking if I lock myself out, to be quite honest with you. 

Unfortunately, I was way too exhausted when I landed to attempt to venture out–which is the first time this has ever happened to me, I’m always on the GO-GO-GO when I land, but then again, I usually sleep more than 2 hours. I did venture to the gas station to get some water, eggs, bread, and butter–honestly I was looking for a new converter. But don’t judge me terribly, once I woke up from my nap I realized I’m in Bavaria–Southern Germany.. and Southern Europe. I was trying to use Northern Europe converters. *Face Palm*. I needed my nap. 

Now I’m awake, it’s raining slightly, and my external battery is charging, as I drink some German tea.

Tomorrow will be much more exciting, I promise.

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