When In Rome: Gladiators and Oceanus

Let’s begin this by saying, I was rushing pretty quickly to get to the airport. I wanted to make sure the apartment I was staying in looked perfect. Let’s also add, I totally forgot to look at the train schedule to take me to the airport. So I decided to take an Uber. I know, I know, I’m wasting money. But I’m not missing my flight!

The counter agent asked me a question: Why do Americans not need a VISA to come here, but Europeans do to come there.

That’s not even a fair question, but it looks like that’s going to be changing soon unfortunately..ugh. What is the answer to that even? Because we have military bases here? I don’t know. 

The flight was pretty empty. Absolutely no one in business class. It was just shy of an hour and a half flight. I got the emergency exit, not even knowing. “You get to open the door in the event of an emergency.. but first make sure there’s no fire” 

Oh yay. Just what I wanted, responsibility on my vacation.

Anyways, wonderful flight. Gotta love Airbus 319s. {haha, I feel like Matt from work who’s always talking about planes.}

As we landed, I had to try and figure things out. Where was I going, How to take a train there. Where to get off. Sometimes the train machines say English, but only one word is different. 😑

This Air BnB host did not help with directions, and I got lost, circuling the place. You see, Rome is like Paris where it’s built in a circle. So some of the streets are very round, and there are all these angles. It would have been nice to know what it was near, in case I would have missed the door, I would have seen what was nearby. Which are a lot of things! Including several restaurants, a bank would have told me I went too far), and a tattoo parlor is right next door! And I did ask for directions, I guess I had to be more consistent with asking for them. I figured it out, slightly thanks to Google Maps, but it could use some help. 

When I finally did get to the house, I thought I was going to die. It was so cold in Germany when I left, and so hot in Italy, and then walking with a pack. Whew. I wanted to pass out for a hot minute. But, I was in Italy. I couldn’t just sleep! So I managed to force myself up, look at the map that was provided and noticed that the Colosseum or Coliseum wasn’t too far at all, and there was a Subway station right across the street. (Which would have been much easier knowing that instead of walking to this apartment from the train station). The subways are just like the ones in Paris, thankfully, so I can do that like a pro!

As soon as I was headed outside of the Subway station, my mind was blown. The Colosseum was RIGHT there! 

I went towards the gate to just sit and look at this beautiful creature. It was magnificent. I can barely understand. I just wanted to sit and stare at. As Josie would say “It looks like a movie.” Yeah, it really does. 

As I was sitting observing this beautiful site, there were people trying to sell things. This one guy got me. It was a smooth sale. At that point, a man sitting near me on the wall kept shoo-ing them away, and came and sat closer to me. He was waiting for his Dad, which I could hear from the conversation, and he works right across the steeet. We began talking about traveling, and Italy, and then he began taking to me about the history of the Colosseum, which was pretty cool, the parts I didn’t know about. It ended with him asking me out for coffee, and/or walking together to go see the Pantheon. I declined politely and told him I was going to sit here and look at it for a bit longer. 

Did I miss an opportunity? Possibly. I didn’t have my bearing of this city yet, so I couldn’t have fled even if I wanted to. I don’t even drink when I’m on vacation (if I do, it’s one of something), I don’t ever want to put myself in a situation where my mind isn’t all there. So if anything ever happens to me, it’s not going to include “being drunk. But let’s think about this realistically, I don’t go off with people I don’t know in my own city. Where I know a good chunk of the people.  The Natalee Holloway case was everywhere, while I was in high school. In the back of my mind, that’s slightly what I think about. I’m not going to go off with someone, even if it’s just for coffee. Then again, it could have been a roose to steal my money. Who knows. 

Here’s the Ferocious Lion. 

My next stop was the Trevi Fountain. I wanted to see it at night. Of course. So did hundreds of others. It was packed. But it was extremely beautiful! And I’m looking forward to seeing it during the day!

And to commemorate this beautiful moment of feeling so free and like I’m in a movie. I got some Gelato.

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