11 Gifts for the Travel Minded

The holidays may be coming to an end, but someone’s birthday is fast approching! (For me, we celebrate the Epiphany, so my gift-giving season is not quite over yet!) You know what that means! Racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Sometimes making a list is difficult; it takes days to come up with just one item. Here are a few of my favorite items that your travel minded loved ones will absolutely love. (Great items and affordable!)

Anker PowerCore 10400 Portable Charger with PowerIQ for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More (Black)

Gift: External Battery
Reason: This may be one of the most used items a traveler will carry with them.
Why I love it: I am constantly taking pictures with my phone; I use my phone as a GPS; I listen to music while I’m traveling on trains, subways, and buses. (I’ll even carry two in my purse–due to a mishap I had while traveling through Germany previously.)
Buy it here.

Gift: Airplane Footrest
Reason: Sitting in an upright position can only be done for so long before you start getting restless.
Why I love it: It helps change your leg position on an airplane–20 hours on a plane can be a little too long–it also help prevent your legs from swelling. Please, still get up and walk about the cabin!!
Buy it here.

Gift: Microfiber Towel
Reason: Light-weight and compact, dries quickly, super convenient while on-the-go.
Why I love it: I have really long curly hair, my hair has never dried faster! Plus the towel comes with a mini compartment to carry around with, and roughly dries completely in about 15 minutes. So I can hang it while I finish getting ready and it’s almost dry by the time I have to throw it back in my bag.
Buy it here.

Love Lakeside-Men's Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf (26-Black, Gray, Blue, Red)


Gift: Scarf
Reason: Whether male or female, a scarf can dress up an outfit, and in places such as Europe, you will notice everyone is wearing one.
Why I love it: It is one of my favorite items to purchase (for myself, and as gifts), I have used them as a scarf, babushka, blanket, towel, skirt, shawl, and even pants for horseback riding.
Buy it here for women. Buy it here for men.

Gift: How to Read the Menu pocket guides: Spain, France, Italy
Reason: Learning a new language via food and menu items you will find.
Why I love it: I am allergic to a few items that I can easily not eat–if I know how to read them. Otherwise, it sounds like death waiting to happen.
Buy it here.

Gift: Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes
Reason: While traveling your end up touching many things that have passed through others hands and/or body parts. This way, you know you are keeping yourself from germ-free.
Why I love it: I have been in bathrooms that didn’t have soap and/or water. This way I could still clean my hands.
Buy it here.

Ziploc Space Bag, Variety Pack, 6 Count (Flat Bag: 2 Medium, 2 Large,1 XL; 1 Suitcase Bag)

Gift: Ziploc Space Bags
Reason: Someone you love may be a bit of an over packer, this can condense your clothes into a vacuum seal tight bag without the vacuum!
Why I love it: Anything that keeps my suitcase/carryon organized and freeing up space is gold! While packing cubes are very helpful in most cases, if you may have a longer journey, or even going somewhere where you need heavier clothes, get the rollable travel space bags and free up a ton of space! Your traveler will love you.
Buy it here.

Lonely Planet Europe (Travel Guide) by [Planet, Lonely, Averbuck, Alexis, Bainbridge, James, Baker, Mark, Berry, Oliver, Bloom, Greg, Clark, Gregor, Di Duca, Marc, Dragicevich, Peter, Garwood, Duncan]

Gift: Travel Guide
Reason: Learning about a new place, or learning more about an old place is a traveler’s favorite thing.
Why I love it: It takes me to another place, while I can practice trying not to make a fool out of myself by asking for a glass of water in a language I don’t know.
Buy it here. (They also have individual places as well.)

Gift: Travel Journal
Reason: To jot down notes and/or reminders when you’re not able to get online, or the times are inappropriate to pull out an electronic device
Why I love it: I can tell a lot by how I hand write things; such as if I’m tired, rushed, excited. I can tell a lot by my notes just by how I write them. It’s also easier to write/blog/post/remember things.
Buy it here.

Gift: Multi USB Charger
Reason: Nowadays, we have so many things that we need to plug in.
Why I love it: Phone, watch, external battery, vape, iPad- 5 things I need to charge with only one adapter/converter.
Buy it here.

Gift: Day Pack/backpack
Reason: It folds into itself takes up less space but is so nice to have.
Why I love it: I have used it for grocery shopping in Europe, day trips to Maui, hiking the Grand Canyon, and beach hopping in Bali. It’s light, it barely takes up space, and you can use it for everything.
Buy it here.

Reason: Keeping your backpack secure from pick pockets.
Why I love it: An extra sense of security.
Buy it here.

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