Ever feel like you’re doing the same thing every single day…and are just completely exhausted..?

So here I am waiting for my flight at MKe airport. It’s 20:42. And I’m thrilled. It got a little… what’s the word.. boring..repetitive.. exhausting. I felt stuck. So like many travelers, they like to do little trips to feel alive. Crossing state lines, doing a short road trip. Me? I decided to go across the country to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with some friends to celebrate her birthday! 
I couldn’t have been more thrilled with Frontier Flights! They had a 21:50 flight on Friday—which I REALLY needed because I didn’t want to use any vacation time at work. The flight home on Sunday is at 24:30–overnight flight. Perfect. Get home at 05:30 to make it to work by 10:30. 

…except there’s Winter Storm Caly that’s going to be coming to my home area… soooooo it could be an interesting flight home, if there is one. 
I’m staying positive anyways. I’m not canceling my fun plans for a little bit of Winter Weather. I have a Plan B and C. 😇

Enjoy your epic weekend my loves. Whether you’re working, sleeping, or doing chores you put off from the week. Make it the most! 
But remember, a little spontaneity keeps you young! 

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