24 Hours in Seattle

Of course, it was supposed to be 48 hours, but flying standby sometimes doesn’t work the way you want it to. I got delayed leaving Milwaukee, but when the plane took off I got on the flight and spent the night in Denver.

Just trying to find a place that was within my budget, close to the airport (haha… yeah), and had availability was a bit more difficult than I thought. Once I did find it, I took a $50 taxi ride to the hotel, and of course, that was going to be the same going back. I stayed at a Motel 6. Granted, the area seemed a little sketchy. There was someone getting arrested there when the taxi dropped me off. I said a quick little prayer, checked in, and went to my room. Now that was something completely different! It was an incredibly cute little room, that reminded me of a dorm room. It would have been perfect, if it didn’t reek like weed. The windows didn’t open, so I kept the door open for a few hours before I went to bed. I kept my things in the bathroom, that did not smell so my things wouldn’t.

In the morning, I took a taxi back to the airport and got on my stanby flight to Seattle. I couldn’t wait!!!

Once I landed it was raining and a bit cold. I walked out of the airport, through the parking lot, and got on the light rail to the Westlake Stop, then I walked down Pine and ran into the Market.

The light rail was seriously awesome. It ran straight passed Safeco Field (Home of the Mariners) and the Seahawks Stadium. I could only imagine going to the game–I don’t know why anyone would ever drive there. It took you right to the parking lot (at least, that’s what it looked like when we passed.).



As I walked to Pike Place, I felt completely exhilarating. This place was amazing. I walked around, just taking a look at everything. I saw the piers, the Ferris Wheel, the famous Pike Place Fish Market—which many companies use the FISH! Philosophy. One of my jobs in college did use this. (1. Choose Your Attitude 2. Play 3. Make Someone’s Day 4. Be There) I was pretty excited to send some photos of this to my old boss.

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As the day went on, the weather got better, and it turned into an absolutely beautiful day! My old college roommate said it’s the first nice day they’be had in a long time–I was thankful. I will walk in the rain, but I’d prefer if it was nicer. And it was. I went to a few of the shops around the Market Place, and saw the original Starbucks. According to locals, you don’t stand in line–that’s what the tourists do. Locals just walk in and order. There was a pretty stellar band playing outside and I just stood around to listen. (Yes, I did not even have Starbucks in Seattle. Take that #notbasic! I did pass this Starbucks a few times, and there was quite a line my second time around.

orig starbucks

After hanging out around Pike Place, I decided to make my way to the Space Needle (simple monorail). I mean, you can’t go to Seattle without going there, but I didn’t go to the top–although, that is on my list for the next time I go to Seattle. I walked around the city, and noticed a lot of Art Installments, which were pretty incredible, as well as there was a lot of street musicians. I enjoyed hanging around and listening. I always support art. So yes, I gave them a dollar or two. They were good. I also sat and watched a giant chess game being played as I sipped on some bubble tea from one of the million places in the city.

space needle


I then met up with my college roommate and her boyfriend (now husband) as they took me to this one look out point for some AMAZING views! And I mean, they were just incredible. Take a look for yourself! Also, I learned that Grey’s Anatomy was filmed in Canada and not actually Seattle. They just take a few shots from Seattle. (That blew my mind.)

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My roommate had to do some work, so her seriously awesome boyfriend (husband) took me to the Locks. Which was seriously cool. He knew a lot about it and gave me a full lesson and understanding. I love learning about places. The Locks is definitely something you have to go and see if you are in Seattle. Which includes the Fish Ladder. That was hard to take pictures of–you could see the fish perfectly with your eyes, but trying to get a picture of it with the mucky water was much more difficult. I even had the opportunity to watch the ships come and go.

We ended my trip by going to the beach and had dinner. We watched the sunset over the city. It was a sincerely beautiful ending to an amazing trip, with some great people that I hadn’t seen in a few years. Seattle is a beautiful city. The interactions I had with the people of the city were super nice, they were helpful, they gave directions, suggestions, answered any questions, and a few even gave me some insights and information on the city itself without asking.

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