6 Tips For Booking Your Perfect AirBnB

1. Research the area where the Air BnB is. Are there any restaurants, shops, or anything to do? Is it in a good area? Is it close to the reason you’re there? For example, if I’m wanting to party the every night in Waikiki, I’m not going to stay in Kaneohe. (I mean, let’s be honest–I probably would, because my favorite beach is Lanikai, and I have quite a few friends in this area, but logically, you’re not going to want to, it’s roughly a 20 minute drive and like a $37 Uber, one way. Whyyy would you ever do that?!)


  •   Where and what is the nearest public transportation? This is important if I’m not renting a car (usually when I’m in Europe, or walking cities in the US–such as DC). Are you going to have to spend money on a taxi or uber all the time? Or are you close enough that it’s not out of your way when it’s dark out? (On the computer this is easier to see.


2. Make sure you look through Additional Prices. Sometimes that deposit and cleaning fee may completely break your bank. This is THE most important thing for me. You may think this place is absolutely perfect for your trip Thursday-Sunday at $171 per night. Jokes on you…look again.


I put the price “per night”, plus the additional fees together, so you can see how “great” of an offer it is.

3. Read the Reviews AND the star rating! Read all of the reviews, good, and/or bad. This will let you know what you’re getting yourself into. (Also, when you’re done, leave an honest review, even if there was nothing extraordinary, letting other travelers know it was clean, but a noisy neighborhood helps!) Even if the words are kind, and the stars are low.. there might be something wrong.

4. Use the Filters. They are there to find the perfect place for you. If you don’t use them but are super specific on what you want, and they don’t have it–can be disappointing for everyone. I have a few MUSTS when I’m looking for a place. Entire Place, kitchen, air conditioning or heat (depending on when and where I was going), parking, and WiFi. When I’m traveling with another person I switch between 2 Bedrooms, or just 2 beds.

5. Communicate with your host. Just a simple email saying hello, that you’re excited to come stay in their city, is nice, and it can also let you know if the host is a right fit for you–especially if it’s just renting a room. If you have any questions about the area, or want suggestions, I have not come across any who haven’t answered my questions. Also, they can also work with you for Check in/out times! I had a wonderful host in Munich that let me check in around noon because my flight came in so early! Sometimes the responses are slow, and sometimes they’ll just email you a couple days before you check in. I had one issue at one of my places, I had no idea what floor I was supposed to be on (It was Apartment 20A, and on the 26th floor). Quick call and voila. Sometimes you see them, and sometimes you don’t.


First email to host in Cuba

6. Keep an Eye out for Superhosts. These come from at least 10 reservations, have a 90% response rate or higher, zero cancellations, an 80% 5-star review rating. Granted, I have never had a problem going with someone who did not have a review. All of my stays have been pretty wonderful. But if you’re feeling less adventurous, or this is your first time, I would definitely try and find a Superhost!



Please remember, this is someone’s home you’re staying in. It is not a hotel–no one will come and make your bed, or give you maid service. Even if you’re paying a cleaning fee, don’t trash the place, or leave trash all over the place. YOU also get reviewed. Please treat it like your own.

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